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Smart Injection Platform


The TRUINJECT™ Platform consists of an anatomical face model called Kate, a smart syringe, and a comprehensive analytical software application with built-in anatomy.

The face model and smart syringe provide a true-to-life injection experience to facilitate repetitive, accurate needle placement. In conjunction with the custom software application, the training system measures and records injector accuracy and precision, gauges the correct depth, position and force of each injection, and allows the user to view anatomy layers, muscles, nerves, vessels, skin, and bone. The result is real-time feedback and visualizations during injection sessions.

This comprehensive platform facilitates continuous in-office practice at all skill levels, from basic to advanced. Physicians can revisit previous sessions to gain a better understanding of the techniques used and their impact on surrounding anatomy, practice to improve on injection techniques, and track their progress at their own convenience.

TRUINJECT is the only injector platform designed to train the accurate use of injectables, allowing physicians to become experts while enhancing patient safety and outcomes.

Platform Components

  • Kate: An anatomical face model with lifelike skin and finely mapped points to capture precise injection depth, position and force.
  • Smart Syringe: Modeled after a real syringe, the device is used to inject into the face model providing true hands-on experiential training.
  • iOS APP: Using a Mac, iPad or smartphone, physicians, nurses and sales reps can utilize our intuitive interface with built-in anatomy that communicates with ‘Kate’ and a wireless smart syringe. Our app records the injection, delivers instant feedback and visualizations while providing ongoing reporting about techniques and progress through our cloud-based technology.