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Mark Dempster is an advisor to founders and an investor in their start-up companies.

A managing partner at Founders Circle, Mark centers his efforts with underdog founders to help them sharpen their aim to fundamentally change a corner of the world in which they operate. Viewed from the half-full glass, if successful, they’ll shift the balance of power in their industry where the company has a real shot of making both an economic impact and a human impact on those they serve (the former must precede the latter).

Catering to founders of start-ups (both of the digital and analog varieties) was cultivated from Mark’s 15-years in venture capital and 26-years in marketing.

Having sat around the Monday morning Partners table at Sequoia Capital afforded Mark the distinct privilege of working with some of the finest minds in entrepreneurship and company building. As the firm’s Marketing Partner, from ’00-’13, Mark occupied two roles – the firm’s marketeer plus the founder’s service provider – covering a multitude of responsibilities; strategizer, positioner, messenger, story teller, slide master, communications planner, website developer, event producer, P.O. lead generator, and professional services referrer.

He catered to every one of the start-ups that Sequoia partnered with–from those who amounted to two guys, some code and a dog to those whose size and speed made public company wooly mammoths run for the hills. He had the privilege of plying his trade with those innovative fireballs who took the brave leap during the young days of the 21st century–Ashar Aziz, Brian Chesky, Patrick & John Collison, Kevin & Julia Hartz, Reid Hoffman, Steve Hafner & Paul English, Drew Houston, Tony Hsieh, Chad Hurley & Steve Chen, Jan Kuom, Phil Libin, Fred Luddy, Hosain Rahman, Steve Streit, Peter Thiel, Nir Zuk and scores of other incredibly talented innovators.

Mark is incapable of saying “no” to those whose impressive IQ, domain expertise and technical prowess are exceeded by their EQ, passion and grit. What gets him up in the morning and puts the beat in his step is the chance to help them sharpen their aim to change a corner of the world and reconfigure the balance of power in their industry. The glass, when optimistically half full, allows him to dream that these founders have a real shot of making both an economic impact and a human impact on those they serve (the former must precede the latter).

Mark was fortunate to deliver these capabilities to companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Evernote, FireEye, Jawbone, Kayak, LinkedIn,Palo Alto Networks, Paypal, Service Now, Stripe, WhatsAPP, YouTube and Zappos. And, when all else failed, Mark’s job was to make founders laugh and help them keep perspective when the inevitable ridiculous situation would arise in their start-up.

In the professional chapters prior to Sequoia Capital, Mark plied his marketing trade at CKS Partners, an integrated marketing communications agency, and Landor Associates, a global branding firm. At these shops, he led brand strategy for national and global brands such as Craftsman, DieHard, Kensmore, Sears Roebuck & Co., Absolut, Hiram Walker, IBM, MCDonalds, Motorola, and The Walt Disney CO.

Mark has a Bachelor in Science in Economics and Communications from University of California at Davis.